Cue Affinity


The Latin word, cognatio translates to "affinity," which alludes to our goals in building relationships, developing resources, and expanding the impact of Cued Speech on children and adults alike. 

We are a team of professionals with a variety of specialized skills dedicated to servicing individuals and organizations alike in and outside of the Cued Speech community.

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The Team

Inspired by his experience growing up with Cued Speech, Aaron founded Cue Cognatio to provide digital solutions for underserved populations, including the deaf and hard of hearing. He currently resides in Colorado. 


Aaron Rose

Ben helped create opportunities for Cue Cognatio in the early years with his first video production, Go by Twista. Ben is working on special projects for the Cued Speech community out of Detroit, Michigan. 

Executive Producer

Ben lachman


Chett graduated from Eastern Carolina university with a degree in media production and directed the video "50 Years of Cued Speech." He currently resides in Pennsylvania. 

Media Producer

chett delong


With over a decade of experience in advertising and production, Mary-Beth brings a sharp perspective to Cue Cognatio's team in graphic design and marketing. Mary-Beth currently resides in Colorado. 

Graphic Designer

Mary-beth rose

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